Research Program

The Waste Incineration Research Center has emphasized on the research topic of “Biomass and Waste Treatment for Heat and Power Production” with the target to develop and construct the decentralized 1-MW small scale power plant from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and biomass residues in the community. The level of research are in the followings:

Fundamental Research
Fixed-bed processes characterization of ignition-front propagation of lignite and solid wastes
determination of combustion intensity
Fluidized-bed processes characterization of Thai lignite (high ash, high sulfur)
combustion characterization of MSW and lignite co-combustion
identification of system behavior using input-output approach (psdf)
Turbulence modeling and measurement numerical simulation of turbulent swirl flows based on various turbulence models using commercial CFD software (CFD)
measurement of isothermal swirl-flow velocity and turbulent intensity profiles using 3-D LDV
combustion diagnostic using tomography


Applied Research
Infectious and hazardous waste incinerator development furnace design
Process optimization
environmental performance evaluation
Liquid waste incineration process characterization of air-atomized spray combustion of highly oxygenated and nitrogenous liquid waste (DMF solvent waste)
Industrial burner design swirl burners (LPG, NG)
burners with bluff body stabilizer (biogas)
Furnace efficiency enhancement process diagnostics of ceramic kilns